Dec 3

10am | Industry leaders, including Nikola Motor Company, talk about working to move the needle on medium- and heavy-duty vehicle electrification for battery electric and fuel cell electric buses and trucks.
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Dec 12

CARB has been tasked by the legislature with development of annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emission standards that in part determine fuel cell system eligibility for the California Public Utilities Commission's (CPUC) Net Energy Metering (NEM) program for fuel cells. CPUC's fuel cell NEM provides monetary incentives to eligible fuel cell customer-generators that use non-renewable fuels and meet GHG emissions standards.

Dec 12

Achieving California’s long-term air quality, climate, and public health goals will require a transition from the conventional combustion technologies to zero emission everywhere feasible and near-zero emission powered by clean, low-carbon renewable fuels everywhere else. CARB is in the process of developing proposals for new approaches and strategies to achieve this transition.

Jan 23

Renewable Gas 360 Heads to Sacramento | Join the California Fuel Cell Partnership at the 2020 Renewable Gas 360 event, formerly Rethink Methane, taking place January 23, in Sacramento. The summit brings together more than 350 policymakers, clean energy advocates, and industry stakeholders from across the bioenergy, solar, wind, hydrogen, fuel cell, natural gas, and energy storage industries.

Mar 13

Join Executive Director Bill Elrick at the 2020 CERAWeek. The world's premier energy conference. The energy conference is dedicated to the exchange of ideas on emerging technologies and solutions to the world's greatest energy challenges. It is a forum to learn and connect, featuring exciting programs and formats designed to facilitate meaningful dialogue, relationships, and new thinking.

Apr 2

Two of the most successful hydrogen and fuel cell events, f-cell and HFC join together in Vancouver, Canada – the “cradle of fuel cells”. Renowned international specialists discuss solutions for clean energy with hydrogen and fuel cells as game changers during the 2-day conference and international trade fair. The intriguing and dynamic program brings the World’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Community together to create further projects and connections benefiting the industry for the years to come. f-cell+HFC 2020 Flyer

Apr 4

Join CaFCP's member Shell at their very own Shell Eco-marathon at Sonoma Raceway, Sonoma, CA. This is one of the world’s leading energy-efficiency competition programmes for students. It aims to push the boundaries of what is technically possible and inspire young people to become leading scientists and engineers of the future. Specifically, Shell Eco-marathon Americas is the annual competition held for teams from North, Central and South America.

Apr 19

Join CaFCP members at the annual Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival at Alameda Park in Santa Barbara, CA . Come see zero-emission vehicles, including fuel cell electric vehicles from Honda, Hyundai and Toyota. Take one for a test drive!

May 14

Attend the largest advanced transportation technology and clean fleet event in North America. Each year, the show serves as the official meeting place for transportation executives looking to gain insight and hands-on access to the fuels, technologies, and vehicles driving the future of transportation.

Jun 17

Join CaFCP members at the 2020 EVS33 World Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition in Portland, OR. EVS33 features a comprehensive program, a major trade show, presentations on leading-edge electric mobility products and research, and a highly visible and well attended Public Day that includes access to the Ride Drive and Charge as well as to the Expo floor.